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The main characters are Corrie, her older sisters Betsie and Nollie, her older brother Willem, and their father, Casper ten Boom, commonly referred to as Opa. The book starts out in January of , in Haarlem, Holland. Both books were written with struggles, tenderness, agony, and fear in mind.

Of these two books only one comes out and realizes that what they have gone through was not a cruse but some what a blessing from God, Himself. The struggles both face is more than just man against man but it is also a struggle within to find who they truly are and whom they truly believe in. Both main characters, Eli and Corrie, faced something they never knew they. Those two women were faced with one of the toughest experiences of their lives. And, yet, Corrie and Betsie somehow managed to keep in mind that God was with them. Willem cared very much for people of all religions and races.

He was a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church and organized many homes — mainly for elderly Jews although he welcomed all. The more they got into his line of work, the more danger they were putting themselves into.

They were hiding Jews in the Beje the large house of the Ten Booms and they eventually got caught. The whole Ten Boom family — father, Corrie and Betsie — had put their own lives on the line and because of this, they were placed in a concentration camp along with all the hundreds of Jews they had helped along the way.

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During the years they spent there, they watched many die and others get beaten. They, too, were abused and persecuted for all the good of helping others. The main theme of this story was to show the miraculous and courageous struggle of one loving and devoted family, who put their own lives at stake to protect the lives of many others. Every night, before they were placed in the concentration camp, the tiny family of three read a scripture from the Bible.

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They put their Christian beliefs above all else. It was more important to them that they gave up their lives to rescue others because it was the Christian thing to do. Show More. Read More.

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The Hiding Place By Corrie Ten Boom

The soldiers drag you out! You have been caught! This book is a biography about Corrie Ten Boom. Even though Corrie and her family were not Jews, they still experienced the persecution due to their helping of the Jews. The writer of this book did an excellent job portraying in words what was going on so that you could sympathize with them.

Through reading The Hiding Place, it taught me about the persecution the Jews experienced. I became so interested in this book and this subject that it encouraged me to do more research on the time of the Holocaust.

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Without this book, I would not have had the desire to do nearly as much research as I have on this time in history. They were not Jews themselves, so if they had not been hiding and helping the Jews, they would not have been an object of persecution.

The Hiding Place By Corrie Ten Boom

However, they were willing to give up their comfort and lives to help their fellow mankind. Through this self-sacrificing motion, it taught me to put others before my own comforts.

This book was very good at bringing me to the situation, at teaching me more about history, and making me more concerned about my fellow mankind. I learned a lot through this book that will now be a part of me for the rest of my life. The Holocaust was a long time ago, but the lessons you learn through it can still be applied today. Scholarship Home.

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