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I always hope to have a great time, in a great environment, while enjoying a delicious meal. This would make my outing well worth it Better Essays words 2.

These two characters never seem to see eye to eye, as Pearl prefers to see only the negative aspects of her children. Cody never truly relates to Pearl and her manic ways. As the conflict unfolds between Pearl and Cody, the deeper meaning of the story is revealed; there is never a perfect family, but nonetheless, theirs is a family Better Essays words 1.

Opening a new restaurant will improve the economy dramatically because it will increase the amount of money that is spent in the community. There are many positive factors to opening a new restaurant in a community that boast economic, social, and political remuneration.

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A new restaurant will create jobs, it will support local food producers and it will help a community economically because the restaurant is giving money back through paying taxes Better Essays words 5. We usually treat customers very well and give prime services to them. Therefore, I do not usually experience really bad services in Japan. However, I still remember that my family and I received a terrible service at a restaurant in my hometown when I was an elementary school student.

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Since my family and I experienced bad services at the restaurant, we have never been there again Better Essays words 4 pages. According to smartmoney.

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Americans have come to rely on the industry for convince, a family friendly atmosphere, and the food. Some of the many attributes of the causal restaurants industry is the past history, the consumer and menu trends, and what the market for the industry is Better Essays words 4.

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Blight, Duke Nukem, Looten Plunder, Verminous Skumm, Sly Sludge, Captain Pollution, and even the nefarious Zarm himself in an escapade so daring that they incidentally cured global warming, air pollution, and world hunger simply because their heroics were so epic in scale Better Essays words 7. Thick hands dug deep into bowls of ground beef. In my memory, these women are always making meatballs.

The meatball, as most Americans encounter it, is a dense, round composition of ground meats. It works best when made from a combination of lean ground beef and fattier ground pork or veal, along with moist breadcrumbs, herbs, cheese, and a little bit of egg to bind the concoction together. Doused in marinara sauce and served with a giant bowl of spaghetti, the meatball is a staple of Italian restaurants across America, from the lowly Olive Garden to the white tablecloths of upscale Manhattan eateries.

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Writing in Smithsonian , Shaylyn Esposito explains that Italian meatballs, known as polpettes , are considerably smaller than their American brethren—especially in the Abruzzo region, where polpettines are as small as marbles. Polpettes are usually eaten as the main course of a meal, served not with pasta or a tomato sauce, but plain, or in a light soup broth. Depending on the regional offerings, the meat used to create the polpette varies widely, from turkey to fish.

Polpettes trace their Italian heritage back to the ancient Roman empire. Apicius, a collection of recipes thought to have been compiled in the 4th or 5th century, includes several varieties of meatballs made of everything from cuttlefish to chicken. As with many ancient texts, scholars have been unable to definitively identify its origins or author; many believe the cookbook to have been written by different authors over several decades.

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In his English translation, Joseph Dommers Vehling writes that many of the recipes were likely adapted by the Romans from the Greeks. In fact, the true origin of the meatball remains unknown. The most likely candidate for the original meatball seems to be kofta, a dish of minced or ground beef, chicken, pork, or lamb, mixed with rice, bulgur, or mashed lentils. Now typically fashioned into cigar-sized cylinders, kofta seems to have originated with the Persians, who passed it to the Arabs. According to The Oxford Companion to Food, kofta appears in some of the earliest Arabic cookbooks, where it consisted of ground lamb rolled into orange-sized balls and glazed with egg yolk and saffron.

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  5. Perhaps pinpointing the exact origin of the meatball is less significant than acknowledging its global popularity. Kofte, too, is cooked everywhere from India to Morocco. Meatballs can be made with nearly any kind of meat, and since that meat is ground and mixed with herbs and other flavors, cheap cuts of meat can be transformed into something delicious. Meatball recipes are also perfect for the frugal chef, stretching a relatively small amount of meat into a substantial meal by mixing it with bread, egg, or mashed vegetables.