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While there are a lot of loopholes in the India political system that has led to these problems however we cannot blame it all on the government. I dream of eradicating poverty and social inequality from our country and will do my best in this direction.

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If we all join hands we shall certainly be able to free our country from these evils. Dreams are essential. It is only when you dream big with all your heart you will be able to achieve big. As students our dream is to achieve good marks, have good friends, get support from the family and make it big in life.

Just like others, I have also nurtured a career dream from an early age. I aspire to become a famous writer and wish to write and publish a novel one day. I have never been very good when it came to verbal communication. It is embedded in my nature. I do not like to be blunt or impolite even when someone says something to me. I choose to remain quite during such situations.

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I am also a bit of an introvert and do not like opening up with everyone. However, it is not good to pent up feelings and emotions as it can lead to stress and drain you emotionally. I always felt an urge to shout out loud and get rid of these feelings when I was alone and soon figured out that a good way to vent these is through writing. I began writing and found out that I am actually good at it.

It is hard for me to communicate my feelings verbally however it is quite easy for me to pen them down.

Writing for me has now become a way of life I keep journaling all my feelings and this keeps me sorted. It has become more of a passion for me and I now aspire to turn it into my profession. Apart from writing bits and pieces about the happenings in my life, I also love writing stories and will soon come up with my own novel.

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My family is completely supportive about my career dream. From a very early age, kids are made to dream about becoming big professionally. They are fed with the importance of making a successful career. Everyone they come across asks them about their aim in life and career becomes the prime focus of most. They set an aim and give their best to achieve the same. While it is of utmost importance to establish oneself professionally, what people forget is that it is equally important to invest time to nurture relationships, health and other aspects of life.

So if you can dream about having a rocking career then why not dream of a good relationship and great health too? Everyone has a career dream. As kids, I also dreamt of becoming a scientist then as I grew I was fascinated by the Bollywood actors and wanted to become an actor however it was only when I completed my 12 th standard that I realised that I had a technical bent of mind and decided to get into engineering.

There is no harm in dreaming big however choose your path wisely keeping in mind your potential and other aspects. Your health is of utmost importance. It is only when you enjoy good health you shall be able to focus on other things in life. So why just dream of a big car, huge bungalow and a six figure salary, why not dream about enjoying good health as well? Everyone should dream about having good health and work in that direction.

It is essential to take out some time from your schedule to indulge in exercise daily. Also make it a point to have wholesome food that includes all the essential micronutrients. Relationships hold a special place in our lives. Be it our parents, spouse, kids, siblings, cousins or friends — each relationship plays a significant role in our life.

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However, caught in the rat race our relationships often take a back seat. Most people forget about these relationships when they are doing well in life and only realise their need when they require someone to fall back on after failure. It is essential to nurture these relationships by investing time in them.

Set relationship goals just as you set career goals and see how abundantly you are showered with love and affection. Merely having career goals and succeeding professionally can leave you alone after one point in life. It is thus as important to dream of having loving relationships and having fitness goals as it is to dream of succeeding professionally.

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Work as diligently to achieve these as you do to realise your career dreams. Yes, your thoughts and dreams have the power of becoming your reality if you believe in them and work diligently to achieve them. Dream of abundance of love, success and money and you shall have them all. Do you know you can actually turn your dreams into reality? It must have happened with you at some point in life? Remember, the day you so wanted to eat those delicious sweets and got back home only to see that your father has brought them for you without you even telling him about your wish?

Or your heart went pounding over that beautiful dress and your friend gifted exactly the same dress to you on your next birthday without you having discussed anything about the same with her. What was it? You attracted those things in your life. Yes, you literally did! That is the power of dreams and thoughts and it is backed by the theory of the Law of Attraction. The theory states that whatever we think and dream of, we can bring it into our life.

Our dominant thoughts become our reality and the universe helps us to achieve the same.

Childhood Memories

The law of attraction is said to work as accurately as the law of gravitation. Masterfully orchestrated, these stories have been brought to life by the people that have survived decades to tell them, people I love dearly but will never truly understand — my grandparents.

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A South Korean surgeon trapped on a North Korean farm; a razor-sharp loan shark of a mother in Haiti; a sibling-favoring geography teacher in South Korea; a proud doctor in Montreal. These strange. Finally in between the garden and the garage stood a door. The door lead to my excitement, so I rushed up to the front porch, opening the gate and walking up 2 big steps, to awaiting my grandmother standing by the door, waiting to greed me.

Few things I would say about my childhood was also the summer time, when the sun was hitting my body my mom used to worry about me a lot so I would not get dark so. The place I am talking about is my Grandmother 's house. As a child, my cousins and I would visit her and my grandfather.

Coinciding with their home and personalities, their yard alone, was so full of life. Of course family were not the only people who were allowed to visit their home. Anyone who had problems at home, nowhere to go, or just wanted to be somewhere where there is peace and quiet were always and still are welcome.

The reason to why my Grandparent 's home is so influential to me is because. A big portion of our memories involve food in one way or another. One of the biggest values that my family holds is the importance of family meals. Whether it be eating at the supper table or feasting on Thanksgiving, my family makes it a point to be together and to make it a memorable.

Home has many faces that can change in an instant or stay the same. I have had many homes over my lifetime; all of which have cherished memories, even in the midst of heartbreak.