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That is why, every one feels at home in his company and is always attracted to him. He possesses all sterling qualities of head and heart that make one a sincere friend. He is just like a mirror that reflects the merits and demerits of others. He loves and sympathize but hates none. He always showers joys on others and partakes of their sorrows and miseries. A true friend is the elixir of life and panacea of all ills. He is always useful at the time of misery and adversity. He becomes upset and worried when he sees others in sufferings.

He sacrifices his time, work, rest and wealth to alleviate their pains. He feels spiritual joy when he helps the helpless and indigent. He is always bent upon lending a helping hand to others. He is a literary giant. He is a poet and prose writer. He always wins good position in the contests conducted by the college.

He is often found buried under the pile of books as he is a book lover. He loves to study books on literature and discusses with the teacher whenever and where ever required. He also helps and guides the weak students kindly and compassionately. He has a bold temper. He does not quarrel with anyone. He never gets offended with anyone except if someone tells a lie. He is silent by nature and speaks little but when he talks he is always meaningful.

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You may be interested: Essay on Education for all. He is respectful to elders and kind to young. He is kind to me in a company but takes me to task in privacy when I make mistakes. To me, he is unfathomable ocean of knowledge. Nobody is perfect.

Essay on best friend

Someone might have problems in maintaining punctuality. Meanwhile someone else might have a bad habit of procrastinating. We should accept our friends they are; it is what makes them who they truly are and makes them distinctive. Perfectionism is only an ideal. Excess use of offensive language.

One should maintain some boundaries whilst using abusive language, even when we are using them with our friends. Here, the situation is a little different for boys and girls.

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When girls get upset or angry and are about to fight, then it gets very dirty as far as language is concerned. And for boys, it simply results into a hands down fight. These situations can easily get out of hand and are equally hurtful for both the sexes. When we are about to lose our cool, the key is to always count backwards or try any other means to calm down. Different mindsets. We might not always agree upon a topic of discussion or general day to day things with our friends.

And that is completely fine, since no two people think likewise and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, sometimes, this leads to situations where we cannot see eye to eye and find a common ground. Such circumstances lead to conflicts of interest, where neither of the two sides are ready to give up on their perspectives and stances.

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We can be jealous of our friends on numerous grounds, be it career wise or regarding their love life. Amongst our friend circle, some may become very successful in their respective careers, and others, not so. Jealousy breeds hatred. No matter how much we like our friends, we will start feeling insecure or inferior in some way, which might result in fights. This will definitely lead to an unavoidable fight. Constant bitching. If you bitch about your friend, or your friend bitches about you to someone else, then it is not a true friendship.

Bitching is basically making fun of or complaining about someone behind their back. It is the one thing which can break a friendship at any instant. If you and your friend are having some issues, then the primary focus should be on how to resolve these hitches face to face. Bitching eventually becomes a bad habit and is one of the main reasons as to what breaks the pillars of a friendship.

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Money related problems. Money is a very powerful tool, which can easily ruin relations. This simple piece of paper is given more importance than anything else in this world. Monetary problems do arise, and are inevitable. We might loan our friend some money, we may owe them some, or it might be their time to pay the bill. Problems of such sort arise almost all the time. However it depends on us as to how we deal with them. We should not let money come in the way of our friendship with someone, because some things in this world are priceless.

Time distribution.

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One of the many reasons because of which friends fight is the lack of time management skills governed by people. If you are in a relationship, you need to distribute your time between your partner, your friends and family. You should not neglect any of the above parties. If you spend most of your time with your lover, then your friends might feel insecure and they will start distancing themselves from you.

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