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Notwithstanding its ability to prove significant to organizations with potential benefits becoming clear and logically sound, workplace diversity has remained underestimated and undervalued. Monks notes that developed a study to examine the business influence on equality and diversity to examine the issue in the international paradigm. The report evaluated international research to produce evidence regarding equality and diversity and its correlation to organizational performance.

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Hiranandani investigated diversity management in the Canadian workplace while examining critical perspectives, the significance of incorporating an inclusive workplace and providing a framework to assist towards antiracism approaches. This study also emphasized on establishing the situation regarding the ongoing workplace discrimination against visible minorities across the Canadian employment system. To enhance the understanding of the effects of workplace gender diversity, following the arguments and facts highlighted in the two above-mentioned studies will shed more light on the accrued contribution of a diverse workforce in organizations.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, all profit and non-profit organizations aim at positive outcomes or simply enhanced performance, factors that not only financial capital but also human capital contributes heavily towards their attainment.

An inclusive workforce generates working pressure that significantly contributes to radical and competitive working groups that foster organizational productivity. Monks study, identified that organizations with policies aimed at enhancing inclusive workplace or diversified workforce contribute to employee positive outcomes including job satisfaction, employee commitment, work-life balance and reduced work stress that significantly enhance organizational success indirectly.

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With a streamlined top management that includes both genders, a sense of openness and integrity becomes evitable and achievable in organizations, as women have proven more trustworthy. Monks also notes that diversity potentially reduces absenteeism, improves employee relation and reduces labor turnover. In the modern business world that has remained characterized by globalization, uncertainties and radical changes, organizations will perform if they can readily adapt and learn businesses changes within its operational atmosphere.

The need to remain competitive and innovative becomes integral. Still on the part of organizational performance that several aspects can depict, studies have revealed that workplace diversity enhances or fosters innovation and creativity among the workforce that further contributes to organizational effectiveness.

Through workforce diversity therefore, there is maximum access of talented employees and utilization of their innovative ideas that spur corporate effectiveness that enables them fit within the competitive business world. Knowledge rests upon individuals and human capital differs distinctively from physical strength to intellectual ability. In organizations, communication is an aspect that allows knowledge sharing among members and an inclusive or diversified workplace stands a better position of acquiring a wider pool of talented workforce that generates a greater body of professional knowledge.

Herring notes that companies must promote workplace diversity as the emerging knowledge economy and knowledge intensification are important factors influencing performance in workplaces. Diversified workforce is where innovation generates from, since knowledge diffuses from different organizational members with differing intellectual abilities.

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Knowledge development and diffusion are principle to improvement of economic activity. A human being generates new knowledge. The same people disseminate and use the information that finally generates distinctive value. Healthy competition, both internally and externally is significant as it forces organizations to respond to issues more straightforwardly and aim at expanding market accessibility and building its business reputation Herring, Professional development among workers is more competent in a diversified workforce where aggressiveness towards achieving better work results and professional acknowledgement prevail.

People carry different potency and an inclusive workplace enables employees to compete through their innovative ideas, professional qualifications and basic work skills that generate pressure on individual employee outcomes that further foster organizational effectiveness.

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Monk notes that there is a positive relationship between diversity in top management and organizational effectiveness since organizations with top management that contains an inclusive system of governance is likely to have an informed decision-making due to shared opinions, views and perceptions regarding certain problems from both genders.

Diversity management principally refers to organizational willingness to design programs and policies that enhance greater inclusion of all qualified individuals to exercise their professional expertise in an organization, despite their racial or sex differences Herring, Organizations with diversity management policies are capable of attracting talents and workforce allover thus tapping and exploring new global workforce markets.

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With the globalised business world, organizations have resorted to international markets and the majority of them no longer confine themselves within national markets. Currently, the quest to enhance the effectiveness in organizations has been augmenting and this aspect has resulted in globalization of labor market and integrating diversity management policies across organizations may provide opportunities to increase market share in global labor market Monks, Since organizations enjoy unlimited access to global labor market rights, organizations with inclusive workplaces can build its reputation to employees.

All employees feel motivated when working in an environment that offers contributive working schedules that promote good health at work and positive outcomes of individuals. According to Malvin and Girling , organizational commitment towards diversity management include integrating initiatives that promote employees to work in flexible, safe, understanding and creative environment.

Flexible working arrangements have been key aspects that workplace diversity offer and employees normally feel appreciated when organization consider their workplace safety. As revealed by Malvin and Girling , companies with shift work schedules have increased nowadays and by integrating policies that cover diversity management, managers find it easy to enhance flexible working through flexible schedules.

The world of globalization and industrialization has proved challenging with rapid socioeconomic changes and uncertainties affecting the business world. Companies with sound management practices have resorted to strategic management practices that involve incorporating diversity management techniques that entail integrating policies that allow inclusive workforce.

Over the years, glass ceiling has been a constant hitch to the development of women and minorities since it provides barriers towards exploration of their professional skills. Despite gaining substantial recognition since the year s, diversity management has not been successful as such, as organizations possess different policies. Cotter, D. The glass ceiling effect. Social Forces, 80 2 , Herring, C. Does Diversity Pay? Race, Gender, and the Business Case for Diversity. American Sociological Review , 74 2 , — Hiranandani, V. Urban Studies Research, 1 1 , Malvin, S.

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