Ford motor company case study summary

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Six Sigma Case Study: Ford Motors

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Ford Motor Company Case Study Essay

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Battery research power up, it is the initiative durable battery timings, medicine in motion; it is the equipped Ford Endeavor, reimagining rural healthcare. Sonic signals, the vehicle ensure the importance of vehicle chimes break, it came from out space the international space station and the body of work, the f is the best-selling vehicle in United State, from last 32 years corporate.

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These are the current technological projects, on which the ford intelligence team is working, to explore the world and technology, for the present and for the future. They welcome intelligent talent because they know they will grow in future and they are doing investments on technological projects. They are associated with the innovative technology, they are emerging as an opportunity in the market, they are growing towards making their product, high efficient from entering the market.

They have advantage in the market due to market share and their planned strategies; they know how to capture the market and how they can increase further. There are certain aspects of buying a car and buying a computer that have similarities although they do drive different behaviors. Alternatives and Options 1 Keep its existing supply chain a Advantages: No major changes and additional costs involved.

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Ford and all its suppliers would share information between their systems and the Internet to coordinate the flow of materials and production. A pull system would be implemented completely. It is a very costly and time consuming activity, the difference in the two industries makes it a risky option. Recommendations In order for Ford to keep embracing technologically they will need to keep their Tier 1 suppliers on track with them and develop direct links to Tier 2 suppliers.

Ford facilitate setting up a web-based supply chain system that would allow the Tier 1 suppliers to use their advanced IT capabilities without having to invest a lot of capital in emerging technology. This would allow Tier 2 suppliers to access the system to input progress of production as well as to take part in future designs. There are numerous reasons why this web-based supply chain would be beneficial to Ford and its suppliers.

Ford Motor Company’s Strengths (Internal Strategic Factors)

First, suppliers would be able to work off of a central design database in which Ford could control their level of access. Second, Ford would be able to control the technological level that it would like to operate at. Each supplier would have their access limited depending on the functions needed. The system would be secured and segmented to individual suppliers and the risk of proprietary information or software getting out would be minimalized.

Third, the initial investment for levels of suppliers would be minimized. This could drive lower material prices and decrease the risk of losing valuable Tier 2 or even Tier 3 suppliers. Currently the relationship with Tier 2 suppliers does not exist. If something 5 Ford Motor Company: Supply Chain Strategy Case Analysis happened with the Tier 1 supplier, Ford would lose the relationship with all of the Tier 2 suppliers working under that one supplier possibly. With a direct relationship with the Tier 2 suppliers it would create a more secure environment for that supplier because they would not only have a relationship with the Tier 1 supplier but also directly with Ford.

Ford Motor Company Management - Case Study Example

Ford could change focus within the purchasing department by realigning them with the product development area leading to cost reduction and increased efficiencies. The purchasing team could provide proposals to standardize components the engineers should use so that purchasing can decrease the batch cost of a component by ordering more without running the risk of building large amounts of inventory.

In addition to standardizing, purchasing could source suppliers and analyze which one can provide certain components at the most reasonable price based on batch run size. Purchasing would then work directly with product development and design to use that component in a new or existing designs. One of the challenges faced by most manufacturers, including Ford is forecasting. Ford has internet sites in place today which would be not too far from the Dell Model.

You essential chose your model and add options. The internet site would need to have the ability for a customer to essential build their automobile the same as a computer and request a quote or price. The different base level models would be available at the dealerships for a test drive.

Ford Motor Company Case Study